The dedication to death and to its sovereignty is but a solemn vow, the promise made in secret to the ego never to lift this veil, not to approach it, nor even suspect that it is there. - A Course in Miracles

Did you ever wonder what the purpose of the world is and your role in it. Or wonder why our experience of the world has always been dominated by pain, suffering and death? And did you ever wonder if there was another way to perceive the world? If these questions resonate with you I hope what follows will be helpful.

The greatest mathematicians throughout history have discovered many of the secrets about the evolution of the physical world we experience.  They traced its history almost back to its origin, believed to be some 14 billions years ago.  At first they thought it was made of particles, then of fields and today many believe information is fundamental.  They discovered the language of the maker of the world: the mathematical laws and equations that govern the universe’s physical behavior; behavior determined by the information encoded on the trillions upon trillions of atoms that make up the universe and everything in it including “us.” While these studies continue to reveal knowledge about the universe, its epistemology; they cannot reveal its origin or purpose, its ontology. Those secrets, in principle, can never be revealed through mathematical calculations because they are not governed by the laws of physics; they are not material in nature. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, it is not meaningful to ask about causation of the universe much less meaning and purpose.

We must embrace a new frame-of-reference that will lead to a new way of perceiving the world.     And we have good reason to do so! There is one area of our experience that has baffled scholars of all disciplines: What is consciousness and Who is the ‘YOU’ who is conscious of the world? Many scholars believe consciousness emanates from the brain, therefore material in nature.  They cannot explain or prove how something non-material can emerge from something material; they simply say they will some day.  While it is impossible to deny our experience of and identification with the body in this world, we should be open to the possibility and indeed the likely probability that our true nature is of mind not the body.  Being open to this possibility is a necessary condition for experiencing the origin and purpose of the universe, because the experience is inherent in this awareness.

Over the years I have shared my personal experiences of the world  made possible through acceptance of the framework of A Course in Miracles. However, these experiences cannot be evaluated  within the material scientific framework. We must entertain methods of evaluation more compatible with a non-material framework.  While I cannot prove my experiences to others through experimentation; I can support those willing to embrace a non-material framework, in their own new experience of the world.

By choosing  to limit our inquiry to the material framework, we are choosing to remain unaware of the cause of the universe and what its purpose is: A secret we choose to keep but from ourselves. And much like Plato’s cave, we will believe our home is a prison from which we can never escape. We buried this secret vow deep in the recesses of our mind, post the thought and subsequent belief in the idea of separation from Reality. The alternate self we made, or ego, is the maker of this illusory world, and its undoing requires acceptance of the part of Mind where truth and thereby peace abides. “Our beliefs will not be taken from us but they can be given up by us.” Our willingness for this to occur will begin a process for healing our mind and the gentle, peaceful awakening to our Reality.

A Course in Miracles is one of many paths to the Truth, differing only in form. The Course has guided me to an experience of and re-connection with my Right Mind or Spirit Self. Within its framework my experience has shifted from seeing myself as a figure/victim in the world/dream to being the dreamer.  Every day is literally a NEW BEGINNING. This experience continues to give me great peace and joy. I am learning to free the world of all the guilt I projected onto it and in so doing to free myself.  Without this shift in perspective I would still behold myself as “a shadow briefly laid upon a dying world.” —

“The world is not left by death, but by Truth!”

We go together you and I, for we are One in Truth