When I look at matter with my left eye I see a particle; When I look through my right eye I see a wave and when I look through both eyes I go crazy!  - Wolfgang Pauli to Heisenberg

In the instant of release I tried to put into words, my experience of being quiet, going within and listening to "God's Voice."

As I look in, I see a whirlwind of ideas spinning across the screen of my mind. What originally seemed like separate independent events in the world, now appear as a kaleidoscope of fragmented thoughts. These thoughts contain all the myriad activities of my life, set in different contexts which seem to give them meaning. These thoughts are my world! They do not appear to be merely thought images projected from my mind. They seem to be objective reality.

As I continue to look in, the pace of these whirling, vibrating thoughts diminish and now I am just observing them. My emotional investment has been transformed to quiet observation. My thoughts rhythmically slow down and I am aware of a Presence. "Choose once again", I hear. "Quietly look upon your world from this resting place in God."

Vision has reconfigured my thoughts. From this new perspective, I clearly see I am not the shadow image in the world. Rather, I am the Self the image was made to hide. I chose to dissociate from my Self and activate the ego self I made, and all these frantic thought images reflect that choice.

Now, from this quiet holy instant, I choose once again. I choose to let go of the voice I made and request my mind hold only my Real Thoughts . In this very quiet instant, embraced by the Love of God, I see the world in its proper perspective. I am completely, for just this instant, suspended from my frantic thoughts. And it is from this suspended state, free of all ego attack thoughts, that I am free to choose once again whose voice will speak for me in the world: the ego self I made or the Self God created. On this choice rests all my perceptions, for they are effect not cause. The ego’s voice. perceiving attack. responds defensively; God’s Voice, seeing a fearful mind calling for Love, responds accordingly. A profound peace envelopes me. The Voice Which now directs my thoughts shows me who and where I really am. From this ground of being, I joyously and very confidently participate in the healing process. I am now ready to return my mind to the "activities in the world."

Copyright: 1994-2012, Caryl Browne