The illusory cause of a fictional phenomenal world,
Producing imaginary images that are: magically projected, reified;
Then verified by stimulated senses whose reflexive reactions are:
Studied, dutifully recorded, historically preserved, carefully taught
And ——- sacredly believed.

The Light of Truth grows dim as the lights of darkness emerge.
Our unity now long forgotten; our secret safely secure.
And the caldrons of fear brewing in mind are spinning endless stories to a
Believing, admiring, yet victimized shadow in a shadow world.

Despite adventures galore,
indeed —- forever more
I grow weary of an endless, seemingly eternal ennui.
Please!——- can someone set me free?

“Ask not the self you made, and cherish still,
To light the way from darkness into Light
Dreams are but the secret wishes of the dreamer
Awaken and set yourself free!”

Aroused by a gentle dream
To Voices I once knew
that is me and you
and you and me and
Me One with You.