The Origin of Guilt

Of one thing you were sure: Of all the many causes you perceived as bringing pain and suffering to you, your guilt was not among them. (T-27.VII.7:4-5) The story we have accepted about the world, how it

The World as a Classroom

I would like to start this essay with a brief discussion of the role of time in our experience of the world. Quite frankly without our experience of time nothing happens. And the direction we perceive time, going from past

The Real World

Many, if not most scientists, whether they be physicalists or idealists believe the world we perceive through our senses is not reality. Indeed some would suggest that if we could see the reality behind the world, the world we perceive

Above the Battleground

“Perception is a mirror, not at fact. And what I look upon is my state of mind, reflected outward.”  A Course in Miracles Although scholars have exhaustively examined our world and discovered more and more facts about its behavior, they

Guilty Dreams

The illusory cause of a fictional phenomenal world, Producing imaginary images that are: magically projected, reified; Then verified by stimulated senses whose reflexive reactions are: Studied, dutifully recorded, historically preserved, carefully taught And ——- sacredly believed. The Light of Truth


You first condemn/attack yourself. And with speed eclipsing that of light, deny the attack, project the attack and, feigning surprise, innocently perceive attack everywhere you look. “Forgive the world your guilt and you will be free of it.” -

That Which Lies Beyond Appearances

There is an unremembered instant, wherein a secret vow was made: Pursue not that which lies beyond appearances. Macroscopic  phenomenon: that seen by the naked eye; Scaled down to its highest level of magnification, span distances the size of the

Nature's Bridge

Today I was surprised by a majestic bridge That nature built overnight when her buds burst into bloom! 🌝

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