Since belief systems provide a framework within which we interpret our experiences, a common framework or perspective is necessary for a coherent communication. For instance, from a flat world perspective it would be insane to suggest that one could start and end a journey at the same place and never change directions; from the point of view of a caterpillar, a butterfly’s existence is unimaginable and scientists who want to venture into the sub-atomic or galactic domains, must abandon the Newtonian perspective and embrace the quantum and relativistic perspectives.

The Current Perspective (topics 1through 4) demonstrate the need for a new perspective consistent with the idea that "I am cause, the world is my effect." What I am about to share is a new way of thinking about our experience of our selves and the world. Please be willing to have an open mind as you read the following presentation.

In its attempt to explain our experiences to us, all belief systems tell a story, which generally includes the origin of our selves and world. I would, therefore, like to share this story with you. Since you are perceiving what is written here, language will be used in an attempt to engage your minds such that a deep, rich meaning, present in your mind, will rise to your awareness. The words should be used as a springboard to evoke this experience. Your attention and intention should be on getting the spirit of what is being presented here. Let’s not get lost in words, thereby missing the essential meaning. I will be using words or names that are familiar. Please let past meanings go and allow yourself to hear the meaning behind the words. Keep in mind that this foundation or story is not something for you to analyze, but to use. The purpose is to look at your experiences from the ideas put forth here. It is their use, and subsequent experiences generated through such use, that will demonstrate their effectiveness.

Story behind belief system #2: I am Cause, the World is my effect

There is A Reality, A Truth. It has no name and cannot be symbolically represented. It cannot be perceived. However, perception can move in Its direction. The word I will use to represent Reality/Truth is God (changeless, formless, eternal). God creates all that is Real (changeless, formless, eternal). GOD IS PURE LOVE. Our Reality is a creation of God, a Thought in the Mind of God. I will call God’s Creation, our reality: Spirit (changeless, formless, eternal). Obviously this always has been, is now and always will be our reality. We did not create God. However, we share in all creation and are co-creators with God. (Refer to Characteristics of Truth Chart).

An aspect of mind entertains the idea of separation from the Mind of its Creator. Desiring to experience a separate existence, the thought becomes a belief. While this is, of course, impossible to accomplish in reality, the thought has produced consequences, resulting in experiences of enormous and continuous pain and suffering in this aspect of mind. This aspect of mind has chosen to dissociate from its Self, its Creator, its Reality. In other words, it merely chooses to forget or deny Reality and make up and identify with an alternate system of thinking. I will call this thought system the ego. This produces unimaginable guilt in this aspect of mind and unbearable conflict, because the minds Real Thoughts are also in its mind. This situation is intolerable, so the insane ego thoughts are projected from the minds real thoughts. All thoughts in this dissociated aspect of mind are images made by the mind which are then projected "outward." These projected images make an illusory world, which appears to be outside the mind as in a dream. By continually experiencing this dream-world and perceiving its images, the belief in the dream-world becomes fixed in the mind. Most important of all is that we no longer believe there is a mind and now believe thoughts come from the brain housed in a body. In other words the belief in separation cannot be reversed because the aspect of mind that made the ego is unaware of what and where it is. Initially there is one dissociated aspect of mind. However, this one dissociated aspect continually "splits" off or dissociates. There now appears to be not one mind, but seemingly infinite aspects of mind, separate from one another and their source. Each seeming "individual" (which is who we believe we are) can be thought of as follows: (See model-of-mind chart). An aspect of mind (observer) chooses to identify with one of two fundamental belief systems: the ego thought system or Spirits corrected thought system. Images consistent with this chosen belief about our selves are projected from our mind (onto dream-world/screen of mind). The experiences our (observer/dreamer) mind has of these images (figures in the dream-world) will reflect the premise of belief #1: The world is cause and I am its effect (innocent victim) or belief #2: I am cause (dreamer) and the world is my effect.